Security Now!

I wanted to discuss my favourite podcast now, although it difficult to compare it with a podcast such as TWiT (This Week in Tech) I think this one gets to be my favourite.

Security Now! with Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte. Yes, the Steve Gibson who invented the term ‘spyware’. Yes, the Leo Laporte who’s hosting most of the top technology podcasts today including TWiT, and performing in radio and TV shows in the U.S.

Through their area of interest they make this great podcast updated once a week where they talk about the latest security dangers, if there are any, and usually a topic such as passwords, VPN, Wireless Security or Rootkits.

They discuss topics and give you the appropriate information about certain security-related topics, give you information about what can be done in specific circumstances and leave it up to you how level of paranoia you would like to use on this one.

I like everything concerning encryption and useless security measures that will never be put to the test, the great world of technology that helps get me secure, (and insecure for that matter) passwords and proxies and not getting unpleasant surprises.

If you happen to like some of that stuff to, then I suggest you go to their Security Now! page where you can subscribe to their podcast via iTunes, iPodderX, Odeo or podnova.

I wrote this post to celebrate Security Now!’s 17th podcast, which isn’t really a very special number, although it happens to also be the number of Wallpaper Groups in math.


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